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Forwarded from English Made Easy
🆔 Historic/Historical

💚 Historic means famous, important, and influential:

👉🏻Chester visited the beach in Kitty Hawk where the Wright brothers made their historic first airplane flight.

💜 Historical means related to history:

👉🏻 Posey donned a historical bonnet for the renaissance fair.

Forwarded from English Made Easy
💎Feed the Cat

A: Did you feed the cat?
B: I'll do that in a minute.
A: The cat is meowing. He's hungry.
B: Okay. I'll feed him right now.
A: You shouldn't make him wait.
B: I was doing my homework.
A: The cat doesn't care about your homework.
B: The cat doesn't care about anything.
A: That's the way cats are.
B: All they think about is themselves.
A: Maybe we should get rid of him.
B: Of course not! He's family.


🔅PART -22
Forwarded from English Grammar in Use (Admiral)
#Unit-20 I am going to (do)
Forwarded from Eslpodcast
Example : * What percentage of the population approves of the president’s plan for national health care?
#Phrase : to lookupto
Meaning : to admire and respect; to think that someone is a very good person and try to be like him or her
Example : * I’ve always looked up to Galina. She’s such a smart, strong woman.
#Phrase : close
Meaning : with an intimate relationship; with a lot of affection or love
Example : * Marlene has been a close friend since we were in the third grade.
#Phrase : ancient history
Meaning : something that happened so long ago that most people have forgotten about it and it doesn’t seem very important anymore
Example : * Most people think it’s ancient history, but Kimberly is still really angry that her first-grade teacher didn’t think she had a good singing voice.
#Phrase : to turn out
Meaning : to happen or end in an unexpected way, especially after a long period of time
Example : * Everyone thought the business would fail, but it turned out to be the most successful store in the city!
#Phrase : to hold it against (someone)
Meaning : to blame someone for something; to think that something bad that happened is the fault of a particular person
Example : * Jose Antonio holds it against his parents that he wasn’t able to go to college. If they had saved more money, they could have helped him pay for school.
#Phrase : to forgive and forget
Meaning : the idea that one should not blame people for bad things that they have done in the past, and that one should even forget the bad things that were done, because they are no longer important
Example : * Everyone told us we should forgive and forget, but we’re still really angry that our neighbors stole our lawnmower.
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Forwarded from English Made Easy
💎 His Line Is Never Busy

A: My husband died.
B: I'm sorry for you.
A: Thank you.
B: When did he die?
A: A couple of months ago.
B: You still miss him.
A: Yes, but I talk to him almost every day.
B: When you go to church?
A: No, when I call him on his cell phone.
B: What do you mean?
A: I buried him with his cell phone.
B: What will you do when the battery dies?


🔅PART -28
Forwarded from Cambridge Dictionary
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📚 My way or the highway, phrase.

Definition (North American • informal): Said to assert the view that there is no alternative (apart from leaving) but to accept the speaker's opinions or policies.

❗️ Examples:

1. They know no way but the way of the autocrat — it's my way or the highway.
2. It's always the ultimatum, my way or the highway.
3. ‘Listen bud,’ she said as she leaned towards him, one arm on the table as she did so, ‘It's my way or the highway.’
4. One former international summed up his approach to getting his plans through: ‘With Jim, it's always been my way or the highway.’
5. When he first moved into coaching, I did fear for him because, in some ways, he could be old school and rather intolerant - my way or the highway.
🌀 @cambridge_dic